Project Meeting People – Post 2

Well, I have no photo for this one and here’s why.  I was a representative for the company I work for as a witness in a small claims court action yesterday.  Not knowing much about the case at hand I entered the near empty court room and took a seat.

The reason I was asked to do this by my employer was because in a prior role I was tasked with small claims court actions and as such I am fairly confident in front of a judge. A manager was uncomfortable attending and asked me to do him a favour and go.

I decided to sit in the middle section of the gallery and was promptly asked to leave the room and wait outside with the other two witnesses, one of which was the boyfriend (further known as BF) of the plaintiff.  They began to chat and I eaves drop, hearing that this is the second day of the trial and the last time they were here in November, they waited for 8 hours and were never called in.

They began to talk about cars as they both worked in dealerships, one at Audi and the other at Lexus. As I explained in my first post, I am an over sharer and insert myself into their conversation.  We chat over the next hour and a half about the case, old street racing stories at Milly’s, motorcycles and how the non-boyfriend (further known as NonBF) witness stopped riding because he has a 6 year old daughter.  Lots of laughs were shared with stories of driving entirely too fast in the years when suped up cars flew across the Toronto streets at all hours. Stories of 2am post clubbing gyros at Messini’s. At one point a clerk from the adjoining court room came out to tell us and the other people in the waiting room to quiet down as our laughs could be heard in her court room.

Morning recess came and NonBF and I went to grab a coffee and chatted more about life and the case at hand.  The conversations continued back at the court house and the BF was called in to take the stand.  NonBF and I continued to shoot the shit when the judge broke for lunch. NonBF and I went and had lunch in the food court across the street and on our way back we ran into the Plaintiff and her group where she apologized profusely for ‘wasting our time’.  Poor girl had been through a lot and here she is feeling bad for us having to be there.

We all chatted some more when I decided to head back and NonBF came with.

15 mins after trial resumed I was called in and was dismissed by the judge as evidence I was called for was inadmissible.  I went back into the waiting room where NonBF was waiting and we said our goodbyes and with a firm hand shake and words of good luck I walked out to my car. I felt weirdly sad that I had to go and leave my new friend to sit and wait by himself.

Weird how had I not been summoned to court, a duty most people hate, I would’ve never crossed paths with these guys and missed out on stories, laughter and meeting genuinely good people. The manager that didn’t want to go to this totally missed out in my opinion.

I thought about grabbing my camera from my car and going back and asking to take a photo but I figured that it was likely against court rules.

Until the next one, hope you all go out and meet your fellow citizens and have some laughs!

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