Project Meeting People – Post 3

Another Tuesday, another person met at my local watering hole Farside.

Never did I think I’d be the guy going to the bar alone on a Tuesday to have a beer sitting at the rail hanging with the regulars. Now granted, I was meeting my best friend at the bar but I went early because who knows who might be there.  My little bit of adventure for a Tuesday evening.

My best friend has never been to Farside and I couldn’t wait for him to check out this place with great music selection and friendly people…….only it was Tuesday…….at 6:30pm.  I received a text message from him letting me know he was running late and I replied that I was going to head on over and I’d see him when he got there.  I opened the door to a quiet empty room with a bartender and one guy seated at the bar with no drink in front of him.

Mary was bartending this dead Tuesday eve and I ordered a pint.  Mary and I have chatted before, she has begun to shoot 35mm film on an old point and shoot camera.  I sat down and ordered a pint.

I don’t exactly recall how we started chatting but the guy Tory at the bar ended up being the sales guy from Left Field Brewery.  He was apparently the delivery guy and recently got the sales job.  Conversation turned to the movie being projected onto the back wall of the bar, an instructional about reducing anxiety.  The VHS was full of late 80’s big hair glory.  Mary then put on the hit Aspen Extreme (not much of a hit but fantastic 90’s visuals).

I was talking to Tory about how I was watching a sales guy in the bar the other night and how his job seems amazing.  He gets to sell delicious beer to bars, hang out and meet people.  He didn’t disagree. He told us about his future goals of owning a bar with food and I hope he gets there one day. We chatted more about other things that I really can’t remember at the moment.  Seeing as how the bar was pretty quiet my best friend and I decided that I’d meet him at the sports bar to watch the Raptor game.

The thing that struck me about Tory was that here he was, sitting at the bar, not drinking and the owner of the bar wasn’t in.  He seemed content to just hang out and shoot the shit and enjoying the same thing I was enjoying….meeting people and sharing stories.  I think I may have found a new calling in life, selling beer!

As I was getting ready to leave Tory invited me to come to Left Field Brewery to check out the brewery tour which I’ll definitely take him up on!

We’ve got wonderful people in our city and not only in bars (at some point I’ll meet someone outside of a bar!).  Get out there and be nice to each other!dscf8981



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