‚ÄčHere we go with the cliched new beginnings.  The start of the new year is like dating a new person.  The excitement of the unknown and the potential for greatness.

Today I’m going to start 2 projects so I can go about each day and week and make a concerted effort to REALLY get to know 2017. Interspersed will be random photos because…well why not?

Project 1

My best friend once asked me to come along on my adventures after telling her of my day and the people I met and came across.  I didn’t think it was any different than my average day but came to realize not everyone is as talkative as I am.

The media and (ironically social media) seem to be breeding an us versus them mentality.  It’s weird because my every day encounters seems to expose me to the opposite.  I seem to run into lovely people all the time.

So in an attempt to share with the world my human experience, I’m going to take photos and write about the people I meet, the circumstances under which we meet and about some of the things we talk about.


Project 2

I’m an amateur photographer at best and so in an attempt to grow at this art I’m going to do a 52 week project as outlined here:


Works out well that I’m starting on Jan 1!


I hope 2017 brings you a year full of love and happiness.


  • Daniel